Sticky: Hana-chan's and Rae-chan's journal

NOTE: As of 04/20/2009, all subbing projects have been moved to hanaraechan 
All projects of HanaRae-chan fansubs will be released in the aforementioned community.

Irrashaimase!! :D

Welcome to Hana-chan's where aliens from outer space (riding, the "Cube" UFO vehicle) came crashing to earth and  started subbing Arashi shows. Since they featured us on one of their episodes, probably it's time to return back the favor :D

There are two aliens currently working on this subbing projects:

1. An alien who is self studying Japanese for almost a year now and has yet to learn A LOT of the Japanese grammar and vocabulary and
2. An alien
</span> who was unenthusiastic at first but is now lacking sleep because of this.
(probably I'm the one you saw on G no Arashi's 5th episode where they featured so-called alien experts. l was the one seen by those who were dancing to the Morning Musume's music. They thought it was Venus? Nope! I was there, on Venus!
And, oh yeah! I love that episode. Can't stop laughing looking at Nino's childish reactions and Aiba's fake enthusiasm, it's always a winner :D)

We'll be trying to sub clips (those that we can understand) and hope for success in the future.

Wondering why hana-chan?
We were watching Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen in which Aiba-kun's taking care of Hana-chan, the seal...and so, ..that's where it came from!